page Overview
opened book Getting Access
   page Requesting a User ID via Self-Registration
   page Getting a Password Reset
   page Getting a User Name Reminder
   page Logging Into TEASE via TEAL
   page Application Request Overview
   page Requesting Access to an Application
   page Accessing an Application
opened book Getting Access for Educators
   page Introduction to ECOS Applications in TEAL
opened book Managing Your Information
   page Touring the Home Page
   page Viewing Your Requests
   page Changing Your Password
   page Editing the Security Questions
   page Removing Application Access
   page Deleting Your Accounts
   page Managing Your User Information
   page Linking to a TEASE Account
opened book Managing Requests as a TEAL Approver
   page Requesting Approver Access
   page Approving or Rejecting a Request
   page Viewing All Requests
   page Revoking Your Own Approver Status
   opened book Managing Service Account Access
      page Requesting a Service Account Management Status
      page Revoking Service Account Manager Status
      opened book Managing Service Accounts
         page Managing Service Accounts
         page Searching for Service Accounts
         page Requesting a New Service Account
         page Changing a Service Account Password
         page Changing a Service Account Email Address
         page Deleting a Service Account
opened book Administering the Portal
   page Managing Other Users
   page Managing Others' Accounts
   page Managing Approvers
   page Searching and Exporting Search Results
   page Viewing All Requests
page Printable Copy of Help